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Cancer patients are treated with Chemotherapies. Most of the time Chemo is provided as rays, but at times oral drugs are also used rigorously. In both cases, hair loss is quite obvious. To hide your baldness, resulting out of it, apply hair wigs in Delhi.

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Radiance Hair Studio will be treating your wig choice as a fashion element and will take care of many things, which you might or might not know. That is the key reason, while wigs for cancer patient are considered, why we are the choice of all.

The first step in choosing the one for you would be chopping off the hair shortest. Consulting a hairdresser and acting accordingly comes next.

Skin complexion of the patient, hair loss condition and many other things are checked by the professionals while choosing a wig for a cancer patient. Radiance is always dedicated to serving you with the best skills, and by delivering the needful knowledge to use the wigs. Thus determining the wig size, wig material, and everything is quite easy with us. Keeping the seriousness of cancer in our mind we use completely harmless products to attach wigs on the skull of the patient. We know that the patient might be affected by synthetic hair. That’s why we always use 100% natural human hair to design our wigs. And we treat every individual with special care.

So, now a need is there to look into the benefits and questions that are often asked regarding the same, in order to remain acquainted with the guides.

Benefits of using hair wigs in Delhi

  • For cancer patients, random hair loss is one of the external sign of the ailment and its treatment. Most of the time, the patients feel psychologically down for those things. The wigs for cancer patient can serve here perfectly.
  • The wigs that you will be found with the different stores are perfect to be worn like a cap. Usually, these external things are to be removed during Chemo. So, you will remain hassle-free to open and re-wear the external hair, while choosing hair wigs in Delhi.
  • Pricing is not at all a factor in case of these wigs. They are cheaper among all hair treatment plans. In fact, these are the cheapest among all sorts of hair wigs.
  • The entire wig is an externally applied one and there remains no side-effect at all. One thing you must note here – remove the cap while taking chemo rays.

FAQs about cancer patient's wigs

How easily I can wear the wigs?
The one that we provide from Radiance is just like a cap. You can wear wigs for cancer patient yourself and can put it off too. There is no need for an expert from the next time, you wear it and for the first time, our professionals will show the style of wearing those in details.
What is the length and material of the wig?
One that we will be providing can be of any length, depending on your requirement. Material that we provide is only human hair. Since you are being treated with Chemo or radiation, synthetic might not be a good choice for you.
How much is the cost?
The wig is always the cheapest fashion element in case of external hair extension plans. This kind of wig is the cheapest among all types of wigs too. So, pricing will not be any constrained for you, while you reach Radiance for the purpose.
Can it give me a natural look?
Usually, we match the hair wigs in Delhi with your skin and complexion. In case of a cancer patient, skin complexion is darkened for the chemo used. Our professionals do everything to match the wig color with your skin condition so that you look the most natural.
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