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HAIR! As there is a well-known fact about our looks which matter at every aspect of our lives. As we age our hair loss happens at a higher pace rather the hatching of the new ones. Some of us get it as a gift from the family others have different reasons. The very first thing affected in the process is the lack of confidence. CONFIDENCE is one word that affects our lives and we cannot live, work, enjoy life as we used too and all of this is due to one big fatty reason called hair fall. And the experience is really horrifying when someone notices it the very first time. We as in humans try to do everything it takes to restore the growth naturally, take consultations, go to different clinics and after a ton of pills and oiling your scalp for months just because someone said so, the result is just a word known as disappointment. And after investing lots of money and time, all you see is a looser in the mirror with no hope left. As they say, back to square one.This is where we come in, RADIANCE – A new name but with 20 years of experience which is a perfect reason to leave a satisfactory smile on your face. We Guarantee It.

Our Hair PATCH collection has multiple options according to the shape and size out the scalp moreover we accustom products according to the style that suits you as well as with a perfect natural look guarantee. Our products are made with 100% natural human hair which can be pasted with a specifically made glue which is harmless for the skin and is made for this very purpose. Our motto is our client satisfaction, which can only be achieved by providing the best quality hair patches as they go through rigorous inspection and are sterilized keeping any kind of medical issues

Just like natural hair, your can swim, ride a bike, sleep and feel beautiful and confident and that to with an inaugural discount of 50% Discount on any of our products which are being sold in the market at a ridiculous high price. Book your appointment and we guarantee full satisfaction and a beautiful smile on your face.

Our Vision

Our vision to make a place where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. A client is our first Priority and proving top-notch service at a very affordable price is our prime objective. The goal which we set for our self is that each and every client receives an outstanding service from the moment they walk in, get complete satisfaction to the time they walk out. We want our clients to make them comfortable just like their home and give the best service so that they would refer us to their friends, their family, and their colleagues. Our Hair experts are trained to level that they can provide the next generation of excellent hairstylists and innovate through new products and services. We empower our team to experience growth and development; professionally, personally, and financially.

Our Mission

Our mission is to go above and beyond expectations to provide professional, high-quality services to our clients. We want to create a unique environment where men and women can enjoy a full range of Hair & beauty services at a very affordable price. Our knowledgeable and professional team strives to give the best hair replacement services by using the latest products and techniques, we ensure you'll always be in style. Radiance team always values lifelong learning, constant improvement and excellence in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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