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Hair Wig For Men And Women in Delhi

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Hair Extention

Men’s Hair Replacement System

100% Natural human hair with a 0.3 mm base gives you a head turner look. Use any hair color, gel them up, go for a swim will full confidence as the hair bonding process makes sure the hair system stays on at all times. Like your own hair, shampoo them with a good conditioner of your choice and give them a blow dry them, you got the look you always dreamed of and that too unconditional. Know more

Women Hair Addition

Volumizer Hair Additions for Women

Yes, you are guessing it right, not only men but women can also get their favorite hairstyles they desire. It makes a woman look beautiful with thick and long hair with the volume they always desired. For women, we have a long range of products and if you are in stress or worried about the same, lost all hopes of getting the natural growth back. The New You is just an appointment away. Know more

customized Wigs

Customized Wigs

You might think, what there to customize in a wig. We aren't talking about the wigs which came into existence in the ’90s. Our products are customized according to your scalp measurement done by the hair experts and a sample of your hair is taken to match the texture. Rest is the product of your choice and our craftsmen here at RADIANCE will give your desired look with a dose of full confidence 100% Guaranteed. Know more

Hair Bonding

Hair Bonding

When we use the term hair bonding, it means no surgery, no pain, no tools of any kind. It's just your selected product with an adhesive made for the very same reason. At Radiance, we give you all the latest options available in this industry and that too with a guaranteed discount on the original price. Know more

Hair Weaving

Hair Weaving

The term hair weaving has a different definition altogether. This is a non-surgical procedure, which is very similar to the bonding process. It is the addition of human hair extensions to make you look gorgeous. The only difference here is of adding the extra hair to your natural hair starting from your scalp. Know more

Hair Clipping

Hair Clipping

This one option is getting a raise in its popularity spectrum. The logic here is to add or remove the desired hair extensions accordingly. With clips at one end, you can simply make your hair thick, make them longer as per your desire. Very easy to attach, very convenient to remove while going to bed. Know more

Product Features


Sleep in it

No need to remove it when you go to bed. Using a silk or satin pillow will prolong the life of your hairpiece.


Swim in it

Absolutely! You can even swim with your new hair piece!

Up to 8 weeks continuous wear

Shower in it

Just like your own hair, no time-consuming removal before you bath.


Exercise in it

Work out, lift weights, bo running your hairpiece will remain secure and undetectable

Why choose us?

At Radiance Hair Studio, our goal is to make every client look at their very best. Our clients receive high-quality, one-on-one attention. Each client receives a complete consultation before any procedure so he or she can decide the best personal course of action. There are no extra charges if additional treatments are needed. This allows us to chart the course that an individual needs to take to get the full look they want. Our center is truly professional and also we take care of your privacy, directed at making you as comfortable as possible. Our motive is to free you from the stress of dealing with hair loss and a dedication to giving you back your confidence.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

It's a totally non-invasive procedure, not involving any surgery whatsoever, most importantly it's virtually undetectable.

Ready To Wear

Ready to Wear

You can literally walk out from the center with a full head of hair about an hour after with the look you desire.

Affordable Price

Affordable Price

The important advantage that you gain when going for non-surgical hair replacement systems is it is easy and cheaper than all other processes.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If there are any issues with your product, you can raise a replacement orexchange request within 30 days of purchase of the product.



Non-surgical hair replacement systems are super easy to maintain, Wash & blow dry hair every day. No tangling, no slippage at all.

Workout Friendly

Workout Friendly

You can exercise, swim, sweat, workout every day & bond will never be compromised! And most important you will look great too while doing it!!



Non-surgical hair replacement systems are 100% natural method that uses no chemicals or tools. No wasted materials used either.

Easy to Remove

Easy to Remove

The advantage of non-surgical hair systems is the safety of having a process that is reversible. If you are no longer interested in wearing your hair replacement system, you can simply have it removed - it’s not permanent.

Customer Support

Customer Support

It's obvious that sometimes you need a little help from us. Don’t worry… We’re always here for you. Our Customer help desk is there to assist you with any issues.

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