FAQs of Hair Replacement for Men's

We know that it is not very easy to go for a complete transformation process. Many questions might have come to your mind while thinking to go for a hair replacement. That’s why here we tried to answer some them.

Why shall I go for this replacement?
There are three conditions when you must go for these methods – having a bald head, facing the loss of hair and looking for a style statement. In all the cases, apply this hair styling method includes wig pasting. International standard glue or both sided tapes are used for the method, and in each case, there remains no side effect at all for any Hair Replacement in Delhi.
Is there any side effect?
All the processes that are applied by Radiance are external and hence there remains no chance of side-effects. Few types of glue or tapes are used, but those are non-effecting for your skull.
Can there be any hair-loss?
There is absolutely no chance of hair loss for you while applying hair wigs in Delhi. The treatment that is done here at Radiance is done on your skull and out professionals avoids treating your existing hair’s root. So, no chances of hair loss remain.
Can I change the style?
In case of Bonding or any other type of hair wigs, you can easily change the applied hairstyle. When you reach Radiance, our professionals will be guiding you in this regards. You can apply colors on your hair, use different patches.

Volumizer Hair Additions FAQs


We hear your concern at RADIANCE. We understand the queries that need to be answered before you step forward to get your additional hair volumizer. Here are some answers to your questions that might bother you!

Why should I go for additional hair volumizer instead of volumizing products?
Volumizing products or additional volumizer are personal choices of course. But with additional volumizer, one gets a long term better solution for hair thinning.
What is the difference between a hair extension and hair volumizer?
The hair extensions usually add length to your already existing hair. The job of hair volumizer is to add the extra hair to the scalp visible.
How long the additional volumizer last for?
The additional human hair volumizer can last you for all most a year with proper use and care.
Does the volumizer cause any negative effect on already existing mane?
Additional hair volumizer is usually hand tied to the roots of the existing hair. Thus the indulgence of any chemicals or products is removed. No harm is caused to your scalp or hair.
Can I style my hair after adapting hair volumizer?
One can indulge in any kind of styling, hair coloring, curling or straightening after hair additional hair volumizer. But of course, excessive use of anything can cause damage.
Every one of us deserves the best for our mane. Experts at RADIANCE offer you a free consultation and answer all your questions along with the best suggestion for your hair.

Customized Wigs FAQs

Here are some questions you might have faced while thinking to go for a hair wig. We tried to make your confusion clear by answering them at below.

How easy is to wear the wigs?
At Radiance, we will be providing you the hair wig for man in Delhi that you can easily use like a cap. Wear it or open it as you wish.
How much extra will I have to pay for the extra long hair?
Usually, the pre-defined wig comes with 6 to 8 inches length and man does fit this hair length perfectly. So for males, there is no need to pay anything extra.
Will one wig cover all the head?
The hair wig for men we provide at Radiance is of four kinds – for front part and back part, baby hair and full perimeter hair. You can choose the right one that will cover your baldness.
How natural the look will be?
The look that you will generate is absolutely a natural one. None will be able to differentiate your natural hair and wig on your scalp, even when they give a closer look.

Hair Bonding FAQs

Here we tried to answer some relevant specific questions frequently asked by customers about hair bonding. You may find them relevant too.

Will I suffer any hair loss for the process?
The first thing to be stated here is that it is an externally applied process. Here adhesive is applied on your skull that will not at all touch your natural hair. Hence, there remains no chance of hair loss.
How quickly I can go for a change?
You can even opt for a daily change in your looks. Style options you will get here is the different forms of patches and also in the form of hair colors. The flexibility of this type of hair is such that your daily style change will not also matter for it.
Is there any side effect on the skull?
The glue that is used in hair bonding in Delhi is of international standard and Radiance is having such good professionals in this matter that the least chance of side effects are also removed.
I am having natural hair on my head. Can I still apply the method for my style?
Definitely, you can. The binding is made from the skull and there is nothing that your natural hair has to do here. They will just be trimmed

Hair Weaving FAQs

Will my natural hair be damaged?
There is no external thing to be applied in this method – no glues, no tapes. Your natural hair will be weaved to give the new structure, based on which the elongation will remain. So, this is such a Non-Surgical Hair replacement process, where there is no risk at all.
Is there any side-effect?
The process is not only an external one, but it is the process where even no chemicals will be used too. So, there remains the least chance of side-effect for your head as well as for your natural hair.
Can I change the style on daily basis?
The elongations in hair weaving in Delhi will be attached with the structure with clips or both sided tapes. Those are easy to be opened and re-applied. So, no hassle is there to open the extensions on daily basis and re-wear those on the next day.
Will I have to be careful from swimming or other things?
The literal answer is no. The entire thing that you will be applying here is natural and hence there remains no possibility of any sort of damage

Hair Clipping FAQs

Is the process painful?
The literal answer to this question is – by No means. The extension application method of clip-in that we apply at Radiance is fully an external one and there is surgery into it. So, there is not even minute chance of pain in the entire process.
Will I have to wear the extension all the time?
Clip-in extensions are very much easy to be opened and re-worn. The important declaration here is that – you will not have to visit us at Radiance for the purpose of re-wearing your extension. So, open it up, when you feel and re-wear, as you need it.
What is the life-span on Clip In extensions?
As long as the clips remain intact – this retains with your usage style.However, we will guide you in the best way.
Can I use shampoos?
Yes, you can. The extensions are made of natural human hair and hence can be washed easily with shampoos.
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