Hair Extension for Men's

Hair Extention

Hair Extension for Men's

Watching our grandparents adoring their luscious mane has infused within us the DESIRE of owning long hair since our very CHILDHOOD. It seems that FASHION senses and LIFESTYLE had different plans to be implemented. But the DESIRE didn't take a LEAVE! To all our hair goals HAIR EXTENTION is the key.

Making it Clear!

The BEAUTY industry does not lack BRAINS! It came up with a solution to all our overnight HAIR GOALS. The all-new HAIR EXTENSION doesn't only add length but also volume to our existing mane. RADIANCE has a lot to offer! Starting from a variety of hair EXTENSION methods to match different hair types, color, and length. All your hair goals have just one stop solution at RADIANCE.

Talking about the types of HAIR EXTENSION available here are some at RADIANCE SALON appreciates.

  • The Tape in - the TAPE IN HAIR EXTENSION is may be the easiest hair extensions process one can opt for. The human hair tape in is even better. Style accordingly and giving the gorgeous hair you got for months.
  • The Weaving - the most trending hair extension process at present. Absolutely hustle free that will help one get fuller volumized hair with NO GLUE and NO HEAT.
  • The Micro Ring - the microring process is for those owning long hair already. Adding to your scalp tons of volume to flaunt. The process is safe again with no heat and glue involved.
  • The Clip-On method - Forget about an overnight hair goal, the CLIP ON technique helps women get that THICK MANE in no time! The easiest and for all.

All the techniques come with a plus of NATURAL HUMAN HAIR extension. YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT! RADIANCE choose to offer the best for their customers. All natural human hair extensions adding volume and CONFIDENCE to all the LADIES. Our crown reflects our character be it any and of course worth a HEALTHY TRANSFORMATION! Radiance Salon makes that possible for you.

Benefits: Talking about Pros!

We hear you! Always wanted that thick luscious hair but never wanted to project that fakeness the synthetic extensions create! Keep those thoughts at BAY! The beauty industry has upgraded to the human hair extensions resolving all thoughts those were bothering you. Here are some benefits to guide you the way.

  • The extensions that RADIANCE offers are all natural and comes in various color options. Making it easy to choose accordingly. The human hair doesn't project a fake look and blends into feels like A QUEEN WITH HER CROWN!
  • Styling gets new shapes. Being bored with the hair you have? Extensions to rescue! Adding all that volume you desire, a style that hair whenever you wish to and change accordingly.
  • If the COLORFUL CROWN is something that you dreamt of, RADIANCE has got your back. Coloring your hair with the natural your human hair extensions is way easier. Put on the desired color to match up your personality and care that mane as you do for yours. Sorted with that!
  • WORRY LESS AND ACT MORE! Wearing all your worries while carrying that extension doesn't suit you! Human hair extensions deprive all your worries in a minute and let you flaunt what you got.

So BID BYE to all your past and say HELLO to hair extensions with RADIANCE!

FAQs: All Questions Answered!

We understand all your concerns and questions going on in your head. So here are some that we choose to answer for you.

Does hair extensions damage the natural hair?
Hair extensions don't damage the already existing hair. Hair extensions are naturally clips that are attached to the roots of existing hair or onto the scalp. This doesn't affect one's natural hair.
What extra care is needed for extensions?
As the hair extensions don't grow from the scalp, they are deprived of natural oils. Regular conditioning and moisturizing are important to keep that volume healthy.
How to choose the right color and style for the extension?
That might sound easy but choosing the right color and perfect style could be confusing at times. The type and style you need to adopt, depend completely on your hair type, texture, and length. Here at RADIANCE, we have our professional hair experts to help you with that.
For how long can I wear the hair extensions?
The time of wearing any hair extensions varies from the one to another. Also, the way you decide to take care of those volumes also affects the time you can wear it one.
Hopefully, we have managed to clear all those questions that were stopping you from getting one. RADIANCE awaits you with a free consultation!
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